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Updating layer states

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On the Layer Combination side, you can directly change the Interior – Stair layer’s state (e.g.from Show to Hide) in any or all Layer Combinations: just go down the list of Layer Combinations one after the other, and click the Interior – Stair Layer’s status icons as necessary.In the Find and Select dialog box, add the criterion “Layer Combination” and then choose one of the defined Layer Combinations of your project.

Compare it with how In Design (or Illustrator) works with placed images.

In the Layer Properties Manager palette, the first three icons to the right of the layer name control Auto CAD’s layer visibility modes: You can rearrange the column order within the Layer Properties Manager by simply dragging and dropping the column label to a new place.

And you can right-click any column label to display a menu from which you can turn columns off and on.

The Layer Combinations are now redefined accordingly.

(You don’t have to click Update.) One such criterion you may use is “Layer Combination”.