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Michelle Supan - is now working as an encoder at MTX Therapy Services. Edward Lorenzo - is now managing his own business and still single. As of the moment, she restricted her profile from public viewing. :)Richard Avelino - is still single (Kinda hard to believe, huh? Alvin Pisig - is now married and works as a Spiritual Advisor, Michael Figueras - last log-in was two weeks ago. :)Ana Sheryl Salangsang - is still single and working at ICT Group Marketing Services, Inc.

The W6BB Amateur Radio Club exists to further amateur radio on the University of California, Berkeley campus and beyond.

For over a decade the founding Board of Trustees, with Professor Emeritus Sultana Sarwatara Zaman as the general secretary, and the late poet and social activist Begum Sufiya Kamal as the chairperson, were able to raise the concerns of parents, communities, policy makers, educationists, and health and rehabilitation specialists at the national level to develop services for CWDs and provide support to their families.

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