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Problems updating garmin nuvi 250 maps

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The "product" is an eight character code required to release the download of updated maps of Europe from the Garmin web site.

So you spent the past three hours downloading the new garmin_rmu_cnnant2010_40 map update. Your 2010_30 Unlock Code won't work for your 2010_40. Your "Manage Maps" page at contains a listing of ALL your Unlock Codes.

My Unlock Code is a string of twenty-five letters and numbers.

Instead of fixing their update software to find the correct Unlock Code, Garmin provides the fix in the "How do I correct the message "Can't unlock maps," thread at

OSM doesn't make ISO images available, so either you downloaded the file from somewhere else (and would have to ask them why the file is broken), or maybe your system thinks that the file is an ISO image when in fact it isn't.

What operating system do you have, and how do you try to "unzip or open"? I have windows xp and when I try to open with win zip I get the error mesage.

I've just downloaded the Central America map from there, copied it to a "Garmin" folder on the micro-sd card on my Nuvi 265w, searched for "Belize" (via Where To / Cities / Spell) and got a map of Belize City.

Anyway, do not delete the base map( gmapbmap file), only the big map file.

Also, these new maps will always be at least 6 months behind anyway, so don't expect all new roads to be on them.

This is my first GPS and I just want to get the most recent maps as my local streets don't show up.

Firstly, the price is much cheaper than on the Garmin website, and very similar to only getting an individual update so well worth doing.