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When a female goes into heat -- also called estrus -- it basically means she is ready to mate with tomcats.

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The shops are planning the new rows, the new lists and maps are being designed, everyone is getting ready to take off on June 21 for Row by Row Experience 2017.

Be sure to follow the Facebook page for your area to keep up to date as we go through spring.

and tour to: Many countries are represented including Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom & the United States.

Many thanks to everyone that gave us feedback and thoughtful comments regarding this rule change.

Show admission tickets can be purchased at the Admission counter.

Classes, lectures and special events can be purchased at the AQS Information Center at De Vos Place.

She notes that most of the quilts in the Folk Art collection were created for and used on special occasions, or they would not have lasted.

“Some of the fabrics in the quilts would have been extremely expensive and may have been purchased specifically for using in a quilt.” The tradition of quilt making began in England and was brought to the colonies, primarily in the New England area.