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Even Specialized technical will date it by it components and colour.I am sure between us we can find it in the brochures/dealer cats and ID it, but a picture would help.

This is where the limits of the skinny legged fork start to become apparent: the seals bind slightly as the legs flex, especially when you’re braking on descents...Your card is never charged until your item has been successfully delivered, and there is no cost for posting a request.If you’re a fan of black bikes, rejoice – you’re not going to find one much blacker than Specialized’s Rockhopper Comp.Certainly the colour and U brake put it around 88 - 89 but I am sure that the comps colour wouldnt be replicated the same year on a lower model, so it could well be a 90 or so. Or Comp - Di-Nucci Green (same as previous year's Stumpy - a relatively common Spesh theme.) Interesting if what you are suggesting is that they made a small one with a U brake just for added clearance.I know the Stumpies had U brake in 88 but had cantis in 89. Jamie Turq with purple decals is 1992 I am pretty sure. Pretty sure there weren't any that small back in '88 anyway. I have just acquired a old Rock Hopper of by brother.