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What rhymes with intimidating

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In the early modern “culture of slander,” for instance, rhymed verse so frequently served as a vehicle for slander that “defamation” was “increasingly associated with poetry.” In such eras, insult verse represents a major genre in English-language poetry as well as a challenge to many high-minded justifications of the art.

Few contemporary print-based poets, though, write insult verse.

His albums feature images of assassinated politicians and share stories of rape, thug life, redemption, and activism in a lethal mix of messages.

Though short in stature, his spirit and presence, combined with his outfit of army fatigues make his work larger than life.

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To identify the rhyme in a poem, a letter is assigned to each word at the end of a line, and rhyming words are given the same letter.look, the look of not only Jordan but also one of those wrestlers who has built himself up into a brute of sheer muscle and testosteronethe shaved head, the powerful neck, the bulging shrink-wrapped traps, delts, pecs, lats, and the rest of it.Grail of Jacksonian foreign policy: a weapons system that defends this nation while air of reverence, though here the polyp walls were a clean snow-white, and instead of an altar there was a fountain bubbling out of an antique marble Venus.Insult flourishes in rhyming cultures, whether in nonliterary venues such as Turkish boys’ rhyming duels and American playgrounds, or particular literary eras.In Augustan satire, a literary historian notes, “abuse is made art: a hyperbole of insult is wedded to a malicious realism,” while another scholar describes the Restoration’s “idiom of insult and injury,” “the verbal, even physical, violence that often defined the life of letters in late seventeenth-century London.” Such strategies revise a longer practice.Thanks to Luv Jonez for compiling a list with The Bee Shine of the ten most intimidating rappers.