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With a good idea, proper research, an understanding of the niche and target markets, and the skills and determination to drive growth, you can be successful. I recommend you read through every section here on this page before putting pen to paper.

When you are ready to get started, download a copy of the plan here: Download Our Free Business Plan Template or alternatively, if you want the ease of a "), you can: Try Live Plan Remember, it's important to be prepared before you actually begin working - there is a lot of information you will need to research before being able to complete every section.

Initially, dead-tree-based marketing was a matter of necessity, Alexa explains.

"We didn't have any money to market it professionally, so we went back to the old school method of putting up posters and fliers." That turned out to be the perfect way to reach an audience inured to online advertising, he says. They don't watch TV, and they can't even see the ads on Facebook.

) because knowledge and understanding rule the highly competitive Web based economy.

” on the back of his business card and slipped it to her as we were leaving the restaurant. I was thrilled that I had a couple of people to assist me with all of the unknowns out there (incorporation, patent, trademark, legalities, writing a business plan, forecasts, etc.).

Within a week, we had a business plan, and immediately began sourcing our web developers and designers and were on the path to building my business.

Nearly one year after our initial meeting, we launched in May of 2010.

A few months later, we popped up on the cover of the Styles Section of The New York Times…