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Nettles thinks this year's show will be the best because many of the artists, including herself, put out Christmas albums this year.
Before 1955, ages for the Earth based on uranium/thorium/lead ratios were generally about a billion years younger than the currently popular 4.5 billion years. old Earth is reviewed and deficiencies of the uranium/lead method are discussed.

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Homosexuality is illegal in nearly 40 African countries, and in the harshest nations -- including Sudan and parts of Nigeria -- it remains punishable by death.

Violence against LGBT people is common, including government-sanctioned beating, stoning and whipping.

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That weather phenomenon ended earlier this year, but drought persists across much of southern Africa."On average I make close to 500 kwacha () on a good day," said Mwenda, who agreed to be interviewed on condition that her real name was not used."This is the kind of money I could only make (once) in a year from farming," she said, explaining that once the cost of fertilizer, labor, transport and seeds was deducted, she was left with very little money from her harvest.Being gay isn't illegal, but homosexual acts between men are outlawed under the Zambian constitution.The day I arrived, a headline in the screamed "No Gay Rights." The article made it clear that gay rights would NOT be including in a new draft of the country's constitution.Since 2014, the 37-year-old has been selling sex in Zambia's capital Lusaka.