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The number of members, features, what makes them different than everyone else and the target markets they serve have all been taken into account.
Brooklyn is growing up before his parents eyes and his dad recalls that when he was the teen's age, he was well on the way to living out his soccer dreams and had left home to pursue them in Manchester, England.

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Well, it turns out that I got so carried away with the kickoff of this new website and its accompanying social media stuff that I wound up blazing right on by posting #999, just recently realizing that I’d missed out on the planned celebratory posting by a substantial margin.But since this is my project and I can do whatever I want, including patting myself on the back, we’re gonna take a look at some of what has went down over the last 15 plus years with blog posting #1,054 instead. It was Mar-e, Mudguaard, Permit and Deb tag teaming the fluke today! A fogbow formed right in front of us as the sun broke through, great omen! "All's well that ends better, as the Gaffer says." said Elmer.

The Brown children face a critical decision as they part ways with the family's Alaskan homestead, while Ami braces for her upcoming cancer treatments in California, the wolf pack finds new ways to keep spirits high.

Once upon a time in the 80’s, some friends bestowed upon me the designation of “Stat Boy.” I was good with that term of affection as it was an accurate moniker at the time.

Still is, although these days I believe I may have achieved ‘Stat Man’ status.

So why has a great white from South Africa made the 1500-mile trip?

Hannah and her then husband Dave Rastovich, a surfer, were upset and frustrated after International Whaling Commission meetings where whaling nations were allowed to continue their slaughter under the guise of 'scientific research'.