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hits theaters this weekend and you might be wondering if you should stay in your seat for the credits.

We have heard that there is nothing after the credits roll, so feel free to leave the theater without worrying about missing anything!

She’s introduced to the idea by her best friend Avery (Kate Lyn Sheil), who’s “dating” an older, married man with the added bonus of being able to live at his suburban mansion and drive his barely used sportscars.

When Avery slips Christine a fat envelope of cash in the middle of a double date with her boyfriend’s middle-aged pal, there’s not so much as an “awww, hell no! “It’s just a gift,” says Avery, but they (and we) are fully aware what that gift implies.

“I don’t like spending time with anyone unless something is being accomplished,” she tells her sister (played by Amy Seimetz, who writes the series along with Lodge Kerrigan), before brushing off her invitation to hang out together for the weekend.

Christine’s at-arm’s-length approach to life serves her well when she decides to add escorting to her already busy schedule as a law student and intern at a powerful firm.

And at an after-party hosted by Starz and ’s Krista Smith, Keough and Seimetz told us how their conversations with real-life high-end escorts informed the compelling drama.“I got to speak with one on Skype, which was really interesting,” Keough told us in a corner of the Wasatch Brew Pub, a few doors down from the Egyptian Theater where premiered.“I was sort of obsessed with trying to find a connection to it, because I can’t really relate to random sex with strangers,” said Keough. She even fell in love with one client,” but because this was real life and not , “they couldn’t be together—he was in some high, respectable position with his job, and she was an escort.”Both Kerrigan and Seimetz spoke to a smattering of escorts and their clients—and Seimetz was surprised to find that that the “providers” got a thrill out of the transaction.“A lot of them really loved the rush of meeting a new person, and being intimate with a stranger,” said Seimetz. The most interesting thing, for me, is that these women have relationships with these men for years.

They all are either involved in the music industry or have famous relatives in the entertainment industry (Cabrera is a famous singer, Ross is the son of Diana Ross, Brown is a part of the famous Jackson music family which includes his uncle Michael Jackson and mother Rebbie Jackson, and Keough's mother is Lisa Marie Presley and her ...After reading the reviews for this show, I was very excited to watch it.Described as "sexy" and "enriching", The Girlfriend Experience instead proved to be mechanical and dull.Is she gathering intel about the inner lives of powerful men to help her navigate the increasingly high-stakes game of office politics at her firm? (Christine actually asks the latter question after a phone call from a client’s wife that ends with her unironically noting, “I don’t accept checks.”) ‘ nastily charming Paul Sparks) suggests a more dangerous, visceral arc to come, but it, too, takes its time unfolding through terse snippets of conversation and the subtlest of glances through glass office windows.Ultimately, in the four episodes screened by TVLine, proves more interesting than engrossing, perhaps because there doesn’t seem to be a single character willing to raise his or her voice above library-corridor volume, connect in any way that’s not ultimately about money or power, or overtly express the possible negative side effects of selling your body for cash.Lest you had any lingering doubts that television is the premier medium for quality entertainment these days, the Sundance Film Festival defied one-third of its title by debuting a TV series—one that rivals any indie on this year’s programming slate—on Saturday night: Starz’s Steven Soderbergh–produced .